Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

President, The Revenue Catalyst Group


For the last twenty five years Tim Johnson has been focused on driving success through the individuals around him and the companies he has been chartered with piloting. Tim got exposed to franchising in 2006 when he joined One Coach, a San Diego based business coaching franchise as the 9th employee to spearhead their sales and marketing efforts. It was here that Tim was chartered with identifying and developing the platforms necessary to drive the company’s growth. This project served as the catalyst for Tim to develop a software service specifically designed to address the huge void in solutions to effectively qualify and recruit franchisees and Process Peak was born.

Despite the economic meltdown in 2008, Process Peak prevailed and was ultimately sold to FranConnect in January of 2015. At the time of sale there were > 185 active Brands on the franchise awarding and onboarding platform and > 2500 franchisees on local marketing subscriptions.

His latest endeavor, The Revenue Catalyst Group will officially launch in Q4 of 2018 to facilitate franchisors with growing their concepts. The core service offering will help Brands acquire more qualified franchisees by transitioning their sales process to an Awarding process and enhancing/illustrating their ability to generate customers at the local level. (The greatest hurdle in the decision to purchase a franchise or any small business.

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