Ronald J. Hoefer

Ronald J. Hoefer

Chief Visionary & Storyteller aka CEO, Milestone Risk Management


I’ve often said that I’m an executive coach stuck inside the body of an insurance man. I ask tough questions that challenge business owners to think outside their usual patterns and look for solutions from the bottom up, top down, and side-to-side.

When I founded Milestone Risk Management in 1987, I proceeded to completely upend the insurance agency business model, transforming Milestone into a center of excellence where everyone wins—the clients, the carriers, and Milestone.

We’ve established innovative programs that promote safer, happier and more profitable workplaces. Our collaborative partnerships emphasize full transparency with our clients and carriers. The result is that we have the lowest loss ratios in the industry and impressive client retention. In fact, some of our clients have remained with us since we first first opened our doors.

I launched the Milestones in Leadership Summit in 2002 to fill what I identified as a fundamental gap in leadership that was hurting how our country and our businesses were being run. Instead of approaching business as a cutthroat, zero sum game, this one-day summit invites executive teams to have honest, courageous conversations with one another. Conversations that eventually become action plans that participants are eager to implement Monday morning.

In my free time, I serve on the board of the Pacific Symphony in Orange County, support the Council on Aging in Orange County and Riverside, enjoy the theater and the arts and write short stories that I share with my friends.

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