Philippe Louis-Jean

Philippe Louis-Jean

Business Development


I am a business professional with a wealth of diverse experiences spanning across various fields; from sales, to military & government, to technology & entrepreneurship.

Leading business development of an international defense contracting startup, I managed a projects budget of ~ $10MM. My leadership resulted in securing over $20MM in government and B2B contracts in under 10 months. I also leveraged relationships with command military personnel to be awarded land on 2 major bases in Afghanistan, and authorization to build an airfield.

I’ve worn many hats in my career. As a result, I’ve learned key factors and developed a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects; and to provide valuable solutions to complex challenges. My various experiences have taught me that my professional value to any organization amounts to the following:

  • Execution – The Execution of a U.S. Marine is matched by very few • That’s what any successful organization boils down to. Execution is what I’m about
  • Leadership – Excelled rapidly into leadership roles in all previous employment
  • Solutions – Enthused by, and welcome, challenges and problem solving • Particularly in technology, growth strategy and finance (Apps, gadgets, valuations, and M&A excite me)
  • Communication – I speak fluent tech geek, “Lean” strategy, business (models, analysis, projections, etc), sales, and client satisfaction • An important skills bundle need, often gone unnoticed
  • Balanced – My left and right brains are highly active. Coincidentally, I’m also ambidextrous
  • Ownership – I enjoy taking on a project, making it my own, and developing it into a great product
  • Personality – The person you look forward to seeing & being around at the office
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