Jason Araghi

Jason Araghi

CEO of Green Beans Coffee


Jason Araghi is the CEO of Green Beans Coffee. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive, as well as a belief that “failure is not an option” has led to the dynamic growth and success of the companies he oversees.

In 1996 while living as expats in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jason and his brother Jon positioned themselves to become the first importers and distributors of super-premium gourmet coffees to serve the expat community in the Kingdom. As consultants, they also opened the first Seattle-style coffee house in Saudi Arabia, the Art Nouveau Café. The success of the business led to an opportunity to work with the U.S. military supporting American and Coalition Forces, a relationship they’ve grown around the world for the past 20 years. Building, directly operating, and managing units in 10 countries around the globe can be quite overwhelming. After identifying challenges they faced early on, Jason assembled a versatile team of professionals to help him overcome numerous obstacles and execute the company’s mission of supporting the hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, GCC countries, and Africa. Green Beans Coffee was the first American food company to set up operations in Southwest Asia to support those who deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom.

Since 2006, Jason has focused on the development and expansion of the company in the U.S. market. This plan included building a business model that would focus on non-traditional venues and transportation hubs around the country, to include domestic and global franchise opportunities for Veterans and DBE companies. He maintains a fierce drive and commitment to continually improve and build upon the already successful café concepts.

Corporate Social Responsibility has long been a part of the company’s DNA, especially supporting local and national charitable groups. He is actively involved with the DOD Warrior Games, helping to grow and raise awareness for the program. Prior to that, Jason served on the board of directors of Snowball Express, the largest national organization supporting Gold Star Children. Believing very much in personal interactions and relationships as part of success in business, he personally travels frequently within the U.S. and abroad; meeting the deployed service men and women, inviting them for a cup of coffee, and getting to know them. This is also a great way for him to ensure that quality control and customer service standards are not only met, but exceeded at all outlets.

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