Geoff Cole

Geoff Cole

Owner at Admiral’s Experience


Chef Geoff Cole has served as the personal chef for Admirals, Senators, and foreign dignitaries for the vast majority of his military service. His Naval career started in 2002 aboard the USS Bellauwood as a Seaman Recruit, where he cooked for 3,500 sailors and Marines a day during Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq. His unique menus and signature “Cole’s Curry Chicken” not only gave our nation’s heroes a sense of home cooking, but earned him the coveted role of the Commanding Officer’s personal chef.

Chef Geoff’s culinary talent catapulted him to higher military rankings and more important missions. In 2006, Chef Geoff cooked for foreign dignitaries aboard the USS Halyburton, including the President of Chile. Chef Geoff is more in demand than ever with the Navy’s elite and international dignitaries.
While flying the Pacific Fleet Commander on an Admiral’s mission to Japan during the devastating tsunami, Chef Geoff was encouraged by the Admiral to pursue a career in the food industry outside the Navy. He was sent to Navy and Civilian Culinary Courses and was designated a Chef de Cuisine by the American Culinary Foundation.

Chef Geoff led the US Navy Team in the Boling Point Competition and received high praise from the celebrity judges, including Penny Davidi from the Food Network. He currently enjoys creating Pop Up restaurants for one night a month to share the Admiral’s Experience.

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