Derek Barksdale

Derek Barksdale

Founder ~ Military Mutual


Derek Barksdale, LT, LDO-6490, USN (Ret.) is a prominent military and civilian motivational leader with a broad background in workforce education and development. Barksdale embodies three decades of experience in facilitating the success of others while in the military as a naval officer, civil service as a Director of Operations, and private sector as an entrepreneur and founder of Military MutualĀ®. The passion he brings into any forum is evident by his strong desire to advance the personal and professional achievement of others.

A native of Oakland, CA., Barksdale enlisted as an E-1 in 1989, and nine pay-grades later, retired in 2011, as a naval officer designated as Force Protection Officer (FPO) in the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) community. Over his career Barksdale has served as the FPO and/or Training Officer onboard aircraft carriers, major installations, expeditionary squadrons and staff commands overseeing the law enforcement, physical security, weapons and public safety programs for up to 10,000 personnel at a time, ensuring force protection for well over 100,000 personnel; to include dignitaries, VIPs and High Value Assets critical to maintaining national defense.

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