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Our passion is to provide resources to help veterans continue to succeed beyond their military career while providing employers with a RETURN on their investment by establishing effective veteran employment programs. We aim to not just establish but to improve existing veteran employment programs to satisfy employer retention needs by providing the tools and resources needed to leverage critical skills, management, and leadership capabilities to retain the most highly qualified veterans in any organization.


DUNS: 080908372
DVBE: 2008070


★ Veteran Business Development Programs
★ Business Consulting
★ Benefits Planning Consulting
★ Business Strategy & Planning


Professional Consulting for Veteran Friendly Employers, College &
University Leaders to enhance the benefits of their organization’s
personal impact, veteran skills awareness & business initiatives.

• Veteran Program Development/Implementation
• Veteran Program Assessment & Monitoring
• Veteran Onboarding Process Development & Review
• Retirement Systems & Benefits Planning
► Veteran
► Federal
► Civilian


Our combined 30 years of civilian employment and military service, the team at B. Austin Consulting works as the liaison to HR teams and hiring managers to culminate the tools needed to aid in the veteran re-integration process for staff development, and strategic planning.

Our company moves beyond initial hiring data to examine the behavior of veterans in the workforce helping to identify members with the potential to fill key leadership positions.

As a small business specialist, we pride ourselves in our ability to engage our customers one-on-one and guarantee your project will be done correctly and on time.

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