Andrew Adrian

Andrew Adrian

CEO – Founder, LENDIT Inc.



In May 2016, Andrew Adrian founded LENDIT Inc. The first year of the Company’s existence was comprised of Andrew planning features, operations and raising funds. On his own, he was able to raise $85,000 USD with only a PowerPoint and a strong foundation for LENDIT’s projections.

In the beginning LENDIT was a community-based platform that enables users (Businesses & Individuals) to post, lend, and rent a variety of items for profit while also saving time and money. Everything from tools, bicycles, school supplies and camping equipment.

Andrew then built a Team of Military Veterans and SDSU Alumni. Together they created a top-quality rental application available via mobile application and website. All software development and design were created by the LENDIT Team. Since development to present date, LENDIT has onboarded multiple rental businesses in the San Diego area with 1200+ user accounts and a social media following of 2000+ people.

In 2018, Andrew decided to make a strategic pivot / addition to the Company’s core service to provide a SaaS and eCommerce platform for the item rental industry. Providing a simple but powerful CRM-POS operation software compatible in all rental industries. (Recreational, Party, Cars, Construction, Tools, Furniture, etc.)

LENDIT is strategic by first building the platform for recreational and party rental businesses. Their operation software is unique as it will contain AI technology that will help predict rental revenue and items to be rented based on the weather and time of year. Also, it acts as an all in one solution providing inventory management, reservation systems, employee scheduling, social media management, sales & customer analytics with 3rd party delivery options.


After starting LENDIT, Andrew made the difficult decision to leave a prosperous career at one of the world’s largest Cyber Security Manufacturer’s, Fortinet Inc. in June 2017. Andrew worked on the Managed Security Service Provider Team as their Program Administrator and served as the Team Lead for the Fortinet Veterans Program in the United States and Canada.

While at Fortinet, Andrew assisted in training 150+ sales representatives at MSSP Partners on Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program and supported multiple MSSP Team operations. Andrew helped to further develop Fortinet’s Veterans Program by creating policies, writing and designing Program material, and establishing connections with government and private organizations.

He presented to hundreds of Veterans at multiple military installations across the United States and Canada about the benefits of the Fortinet Veteran’s Program. His efforts helped to spread awareness about Fortinet’s Technology and their support to military Veterans among 100+ organizations and companies to include Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T and more.

As the Veteran Team Lead for the United States and Canada, Andrew interviewed all Veteran applicants, constantly attended military career fairs, maintained / established organization’s Program participation, and mentored all FortiVeterans in their job search within Fortinet and their Partners.

As of June 2017, Andrew’s efforts directly assisted 50 US & 2 Canadian Military Veterans in finding employment.


Prior to Fortinet, Andrew served in the United States Marine Corps from 2010 – 2014, holding a variety of roles including 1833 Assault Amphibious Crewmen, M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gunner for mobile security in OEF, and as his Battalion Armory’s NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge).

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