Michael J. Sadak

Michael J. Sadak

CEO, BrandAmerica, Inc


Mr. Sadak has over 35 years of experience doing business in Asia. In 1992, he founded a boutique advisory firm to assist American business to expand into Asia that is now BrandAmerica. Prior to 1992, Mr. Sadak worked for16 years in international investment banking. During ten of those years he lived and worked in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong Mr. Sadak was Managing Director of Chase Manhattan’s Asian Investment bank where his responsibilities included managing the bank’s Asia Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions Division, co-managed the bank’s Asian direct investment portfolio and co-managed the Chase Philippine Investment fund.

Mr. Sadak has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from American International College and has completed courses in East Asian Studies & Global Finance Strategies at Harvard University.

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