Elizabeth Perez

Elizabeth Perez-Halperin

President and Founder GC Green, Inc.


Elizabeth “Liz” Perez-Halperin is a proud enrolled tribal member of North Fork Rancheria and the President & founder of GC Green, Incorporated. GCG, is an energy & water conservation, construction and consulting firm.

Military Service:
Prior to launching GCG, Liz was active in the clean energy and engineering industry for six years in San Diego, California. She credits her success as an entrepreneur due to her military service in the United States Navy. Ms. Perez comes from three generations of military service & served for nearly nine years as an Aviation Logistics Specialist. She is the 2nd generation in her family to serve in the Middle East during conflict. In 2006, Ms. Perez transitioned from the military honorably as a Navy Combat Veteran.

Notable Accomplishments:
-Liz is active and passionate in championing policy development in clean energy & sustainability as fellow with the Truman National Security Project. In July 2012, her skills & expertise contributed to passing SB1409, “California Energy Security Coordination Act”.

-In 2013, Ms. Perez was selected as a White House “Champion of Climate Change for Advancement in Clean Energy Technology”.

-Selected in 2013, as a U.S Delegate to Japan as an energy and water expert.

-August 2013, Liz was nominated as a recipient for the “2013 California Woman Veteran Leader of the Year” through California Department of Veteran Affairs.

-In June 2014, served as a round table workshop speaker with the Clinton Global Initiative to promote Veteran Entrepreneurship and clean energy advancement.

-From 2011-2016, Liz Perez has worked with several tribes and federal programs that provide consultation services, renewable energy, business development and construction projects for the Native American population.

-In 2016, she was selected by the American Israel Public Affairs to Committee (AIPAC) as a U.S Delegate to Israel as an energy and water expert.

-Currently Liz, is serving on the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) board. CalSEED, is a 24 million grant that promotes clean energy and water conservation technology and advancement through American entrepreneurship.

-Speaker at the Newsweek/Daily Beast Hero Summit in Washington, DC, regarding energy & water issues in 2013.

-From 2011 to 2015, featured on national interviews with MSNBC and local news outlets.

-Featured in NBC Latino, Huffington Post, San Diego Tribune, Lima Charlie News Media & Indian Country Today because of her ongoing efforts to address climate change, promoting clean energy technology, discussing energy/water industry issues and Middle Eastern conflict.

-In 2013, featured on Huff Post regarding war crimes in Syria and U.S military action.

-Certified public speaker with the “Veteran Women’s Speaker’s Bureau”.

Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University with a Minor in Logistics, Business & Safety Management. Received an MBA certification from Texas A&M Mays Business Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans program. Certified entrepreneurship trainer/facilitator with the Kauffman Foundation. MBA Candidate, with University of Syracuse Whitman School of Management program.

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