Dave Beadle

Dave Beadle, RBLP-C

Human Resources Consultant


believe that the incredible value veterans can bring to an organization is often unrealized because of the cultural mismatches that exist between the 1% who have served and the 99% who have not. I further believe that this leads to increased turnover, costing employers money and veterans their self-esteem…therefore, I have made it my mission to navigate the cultural divide to bring employers and veterans together to ensure the success for veterans in the civilian workplace, maximize the ROI for veteran hiring initiatives and reduce the risk and cost of veteran turnover.

There are literally thousands of programs designed to prepare veterans to make the transition. Most of those stop the day the veteran starts their new civilian job. But who is helping employers prepare to welcome those who have served their country into an often-times vastly different culture and environment from their military experience?

You want to hire veterans, I show you how to keep them.

I am deeply passionate about the challenges facing transitioning veterans today. I have seen it from all sides: from my own transition when there were no assistance programs, through key roles within an award-winning corporate integration program, to having the privilege of providing careers services to members of our elite Special Operations community. I have advised employers from start-ups to Silicon Valley giants on the value proposition of transitioning service members, sharing best practices to integrate veteran new hires into their organization.

I can guide your organization in navigating this divide. If you have made a commitment to hiring veterans – and keeping them – then let me help you get the most out of your veteran hiring initiatives – making it a win-win for veterans and your organization.

Let’s talk! Reach out to me, I would welcome the opportunity to be of service!

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