Bradley Garner

Bradley Garner

Talent Acquisitions Manager
General Atomics & Affiliated Companies


Bradley Garner is currently a Manager, Talent Acquisition at General Atomics San Diego CA. As a Talent Acquisition Manager Brad’s scope of leadership encompasses General Atomics Corporate Services, Energy and Electromagnetic Systems. Brad manages a team of nine Talent Acquisition Specialists and two Talent Acquisition Leads that provide direct support to three local San Diego CA General Atomics campuses and extends across five states. Prior to General Atomics Brad served on Active duty with the U.S. Air Force. With over 20 years of military experience in the U.S. Air Force and 12 of those years in a recruiting capacity, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge for those transitioning from the military into the global marketplace. Following his military career Brad spent five years at Scripps Health departing as a Talent Advisor Manger.

Brad’s consistent drive comes from a passion to serve our veterans and their spouses/significant others. His servant leadership has led to many veterans, spouses/significant others find meaningful work outside of their military career. Brad has a firm belief in those who wore the uniform and their supporters are the type of leaders and staff our current employment market so desperately needs.
Brad’s wife Erin and his two daughters Khloe and Carleen are perfect reminders that family is everything. Brad considers anyone in the service community as his family and he strives to support and create positive outcomes in their search for the next career.

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