Bob Lawerence

Bob Lawerence

Journalist & Emcee


It means a great deal when we can make a difference to someone who’s watching.”

Solid reporting skills and tenacity make Bob Lawrence an excellent television journalist. He puts his heart into each story and comes up with reports that capture San Diego’s attention and emotions. For example, his “Boot Camp” mini-documentary traced the trials of a Marine’s harrowing first week at San Diego’s Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Bob has reported live from Kuwait during the build up and after the war started in Iraq. “In covering the military,” Bob said, “I’ve experienced everything from catapulting off an aircraft carrier, to a nuclear submarine.” Bob was also a part of the U.S. Air Force Reserves, and a S. Sgt. from 1970-1976.

Bob also remembers local stories he’s covered that have impacted him greatly, such as spending 48 straight hours on the fire lines during the Cedar fire.

When Bob’s not hard at work, he likes to drive — very fast! In fact, he is a graduate of the Bob Bondurant Racing School, and races karts on a regular basis with his sons.

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