Bob Dietrich

Bob Dietrich

Business Coach and Career Transition Mentor


Bob Dietrich is an Business Coach and Career Transition Mentor that helps military and veterans make the transition from their current situation to becoming an independent business owner.

Using his award winning background in business, personal development and leadership, Bob guides you through discovering and developing your personal transformation process to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

After spending 14 years working as an accountant, Bob became frustrated by writing the paychecks for sales people who made 3 times more than he did while working about half the time. He was underpaid and over utilized. You probably know how that feels.

Realizing he would never be able to reach his financial and career goals working for someone else, he set out to discover what it takes to transform his career so he could reach his dreams and goals for the future.

In his presentations and trainings he shares the process he discovered that every entrepreneur inevitably goes through to build their successful business.

Since his transition to being an entrepreneur, Bob has built 3 businesses, which have collectively earned over $20 million. Now Bob spends his time sharing his knowledge, producing video, and providing concert press coverage for Homeland Magazine.

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